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24 November 2009 @ 08:24 pm
[Mod Post] New Poster  
Hi everyone,

Some of you may have noticed that someone else is posting up ringtones. Yes, it be true we have a new poster to the comm. I would like everyone to welcome
[info]xhxoxlxlxyx . She will now be posting her stuff here, which is awesome. So welcome.

AND A...

Side note- Please comment as it lets us know that our work is not in vain. Comments brighten the day :)
It would be nice to see how many people are actually dling the ringtones and how many people actually visit this comm. The more comments I see the more often I post. I'm done ranting now. Oh and remember my promise that if we can get 100 members, I will open a request thread.
I guess that is all for now.